Stumpy’s Dumpies is a well established northern beaches based rubbish removal and landscape product delivery business.

The business started over 20 years ago removing household rubbish items and taking them to Kimbriki Tip for safe disposal.

With a nickname like Stumpy, which he earned on the school sports field, the business name seemed to follow naturally, and so Stumpy’s Dumpies was born.

Whilst much of the business today still involves rubbish removal the team have moved in to new areas which can be described in a nutshell as moving virtually any product that can fit in a 3 tonne truck around the northern beaches and north shore of sydney.

Today, there are 2 trucks on the road being kept extremely busy due to the fact that Stumpy’s number is on speed dial for many landscapers and builders on the northern beaches looking for landscape delivery supplies to be delivered without fuss and with a fast turnaround.

These items include concrete/brick disposal, vegetation disposal, electrical product disposal as well as delivery of quality bulk landscaping products from Kimbriki Tip to your home or project.

The types of services offered by Stumpy’s does not stop there, if you require items moved from house to house or from your local hardware and it does not fit in/on your car or in your trailer call us any time!

It is more than just a business to Stumpy though, the family are involved with his son and daughter helping out, and his clients value the efficiency and friendly advice that are part of the service.

Please browse our site to view some of the products available for delivery from Australian Native Landscapes (Kimbriki Tip) or Concrete Recyclers (Kimbriki Tip).

So, if you need some rubbish removed and disposed of properly, if you need a clean-up or something demolished, or if you need something delivered for your next home or garden renovation… give Stumpy a bell, he’ll help you out.

“No job too small”

“Free obligation free quotes”