Kimbriki Tip Landscape Product Deliveries

Without doubt, one of the busiest parts of the Stumpy’s Dumpies business is the delivery of landscaping and building products from Kimbriki tip to builder, renovators, DIY builders, landscapers and home gardeners all over the northern beaches and north shore.

Although not widely known, Kimbriki stocks some fantastic products at amazing prices.

The suppliers within Kimbriki generally don’t deliver products to residential homes, so you can hire your own truck, take a trailer or instead use Martin and the team at Stumpy’s Dumpies who are well positioned to collect product and deliver to your home or project.

Better still, each Stumpy’s Dumpies truck can carry up to 3 tonnes of aggregate/sand or 3 cubic metres of mulch saving you time and money transporting the products yourself.

Billing is also much more simple with just one invoice from Stumpie’s Dumpies for cartage, rubbish deliveries to Kimbriki and product deliveries back to your residence or project.

Many customers use the team on a rotating basis with projects so that the truck is always full either on the way to Kimbriki or back to your project.

All Stumpy’s customers appreciate that with the trucks being a 3 tonne capacity it allows the skillful drivers to deliver your products as close to their intended use on your site as possible thus saving you a huge amount of time money and effort.

Difficult driveways, often the hallmark of home renovations and building projects on the northern beaches and northshore means that a smaller truck is the ideal method to deliver products very close to the site.

This is something that larger trucks simply cannot access meaning bobcats or other transport devices may be required to ferry product much further than necessary.

Landscaping products available from Kimbriki Tip

Concrete Recyclers are suppliers of many great products including,

10MM Aggregate
20MM Aggregate
40MM Aggregate
Various sized crushed sandstones and roadbases

Australian Native Landcapes are a large supplier at Kimbriki via their recycling centre.
Local residents drop off vegetation which is then processed and turned into top class products for your garden which include,

Various shapes and colours of garden mulch
Various sand products
Garden soils used for planting
Turf underlay

If you would like any of these products delivered to your property or project please call our team today for a quote and available delivery time.